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What is your real Zodiac sign- (beautiful pictures, lots of lenghty answers)

You are a Pisces, the kindest sign of the zodiac. You are sympathetic, sensitive, impressionable, compassionate, forgiving, imaginative, a dreamer, romantic, tolerant, and funny. Of all the animals in the world you are most like two fish, you swim in the watery depths of feeling and knowledge. And about those TWO fish, you have two choices in how to live your life 1)you can try to swim upstream(which is the harder way but life is full of challenges, plus the rewards are much sweeter) or 2) you can just "float" along the bottom of the river(which is when you take the EASY way, which has more, can i say, BORING! results. -your colors are pale green and turquoise, the color and light of the sea in which you dwell -your metal is platinum -your precious stone is aquamarine-your day of the week is Friday -the part of the body that you rule is you feet -your element is WATER -the planet that you are ruled by is Neptune, named after the Greek god Poseidon (AKA Neptune). Poseidon is the god of all things water. -your true love comes form a Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, or your own PiscesClick Here to Become a Vampire
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Whats you soulmates name?

soulmates name (girl) Davidsoulmates name (boy) Megan
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I'm back

Hey, after a nudge from Hattie I'm posting. I have decided to continue work on my writing Lucifer, because I feel that I can do well if I continue on. I am seriouasly lacking inspiration though because nothing seems to fit properly in the opening scenes and as soon as I finsih writing it, I'll post the prologue. L8er buds XXXXX


Morning world I'm feelin' goooooood!!!!

Well I'm back yet again for another lackluster update, I had a very interesting AIM conversation yesterday with Hattie and now I cannot get an image of a shirtless and glistening Ash Redfern from sed conversation out of my strange little mind. However I don't exactly seem to be battling to get rid of it.

Now I am thoroughly inspired to right crackfic, involving Ewan, Alex Band, Damon,Julian, Ash,Me, Hattie and an anonymous guy with Shmexy eyebrows( Wet Tshirt party anyone!!!).Also to watch reruns of Buffy for some odd, oddd reason.

I spent much of last night discussing with my father the shower scene in Psycho and the Big Brother final was awesome, I sooooo wanted Pete to win as he is super hott.Lets face it an eccentric with tourettes is every psychotic, cybergeek girl's dream come true!!!

Well gotta' go cuz I wanna' get a head start on that crackfic but I'll post again soon hopefully, yay me!!!!!!!!!!

Jul. 22nd, 2006

I'm baaaccckkk!!!!!!!!! After weeks away from the computer I have finally posted again and would just like to say that dude I can not wait to see the new Superman flick and Stormbreaker looks awesome(Hattie, Ewan's in there!). I am seriously stoked about school finishing and maybe I can even start fresh next year. Year 11 is going to be wicked.

Naruto starts today. I've already seen the whole series but now I get to see it in widescreen glory so it will be a lot better that those blurry, low def pirates that people post on Youtube

Well got to go now. Enjoy the weekend mates and pwease go and see Superman.

Luv ya!!!

OK, thanks to Hattie for the nudge first of all. Second I have been swamped with work all week. Barely any time to post but now I am. I was downloading music recently and stumbled onto a band called The Fight, they seem pretty cool nut I'm not so sure about some of their tracks. My cousin Kelly has no time to talk to me anymore because she seems to be spending all of it with her boyfriend and as for that guy I wrote about, well he told me he liked me but I just wasn't ready to talk about it after everything that happened with my friend Prudence. Gotta go, I'm in a poetry competition. XXXX

Let the dark engulf my heart

And sail away on tattered wings

For in this night I’ll stand alone

Hoping but knowing you’ll never come

Forget me not and pristine rose

Have brought me here to see

That in this life

Oh this wretched life

You’re not meant for me

I stand alone and let my tears flow freely

Why do your memories replay in me

No longer me

Only you

You cannot leave me now

Our heart forbids it

Separate the soul with a cutting remark

Kiss away the bleeding with your shallow lies

Pretend for me that we are still one

Surrender to darkness

Scream out my pain

Such anger in me

Reflected in you

Stand before the mirror and realise the truth

I am you

And you will always belong to me







OK there's a new community run by sorceressgirl which is calledljschallenge100 it's for all LJ Smith fans where they can go and write drabbles based off of their favourite characters or couples. Everybody who wants to join has to claim a character and then write from prompts. If anyone is interested in joining talk to sorceressgirl. Thanks.
Jus logged on. Really wanna join ljs100 and any other communtiies that take my whimsical and sarcastic fancy.