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OK, so I finally finshed the prologue to Lucifer and I'm quite happy with the result (could be happier) but any updates might take a while because I have exams. Hope you all like it. Please read and review.



It was dawn when he arrived in Azure. The sun’s golden rays permeated the landscape with their gentle light and the city lay silent in the morning’s artificial hush. Running as fast as he could he tried desperately to recede into the shadows and avoid the persecuting gazes of the people that he knew all to well. He had been gone from the city walls for too long a time and had forgotten things that had seem so important in the past, so many things that he desperately wished to regain. But he had not forgotten the laughs and the jeers, the pain and the accusation, the loss and grief, that had all come so easily to those he once called friends. So as long as the bad came along with the good he would simply choose to forget.

He rushed silently through the streets, skittering past houses and shops. To his right was a antiquities store he had once loved to browse through, he remembered how often he would find a tiny treasure and restore it to it’s past glory. He had always loved to do that, finding pleasure in the simplest of things. But there was no time to think about that right now. Right now he had to find Kaeziel, he knew for a fact that she would still be within the Palace walls and she was the only one that he was sure could help him evade the vision of others, at least for a short while.

He would find her and explain to her how he wished to remain out of sight, then, with luck, she could cast a veil of invisibility over him. He would be safe and hidden, sheltered within the sanctuary of the city. Drifting into a stream of pleasant thought, he began to wonder just how they would greet him. Would they smile and embrace him? Or would they cast him aside as the stray that he was?

Snapping out of his reverie, Lucifer halted his movement. Light footsteps suddenly silenced, as he gazed at the sight that stood before him. There it was. The Palace.

It stood in full glory, walls of fine, pale marble shimmering in the warm glow of the newly risen sun. It’s spiralling towers reaching eternally upwards into insubstantial clouds, filigree detail carved amongst carved cherubs and angels whose faces had long faded. Large windows with rich, silk curtains drawn, overlooking blossoming gardens whose flowers reached up from aromatic beds to look at the wondrous sky. Standing in awe, Lucifer realised just how much he had missed Azure and it’s beauty. But as he brought his gaze downwards, he felt a shudder pass through him as he saw long, sharp rods of wrought iron darkening the otherwise light day. The gates to the Palace. They would not be an easy obstacle.

Scaling them was out of the question and if he simply tried to enter the guard would catch him. Lucifer paused and frowned in thought. His mouthing quirking to the side, he allowed a ‘hmm’ to pass his lips. It was then that it struck him, he would have to use his powers. There was quite simply no other option, so pulling the cloak he had been wearing tight about him, he readied himself.

He would have to concentrate deeply, because transportation was a fine art, and if he was even so much as an inch off, he would pay greatly. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the exact place he wanted to be, his minds eye conjuring an image of the one safe place within the palace grounds, the chapel. He thought of the scent of the incense during Sunday prayer, the feel of the wooden pews beneath his fingers as he walked down the altar, the shivering sensation that he got when he viewed the angel that stood surveying the room.

When he opened his eyes, he was there.

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